The "Stor" in SunStor is for Storage.

Time of Use pricing

No solar system is complete without battery storage

  • Due to the utility company’s strategy to combat solar, it is essential that all solar installations, either previously installed or installed in the future, are paired with energy storage (batteries).  
  • With the increasing loss of thousands of customers over the past few years, utility companies are imposing new fees and billing structures to try and devalue solar production.
  • They basically get to buy your solar power at one rate, and sell it back to you at a higher rate.

power usage throughout the day

  • This has already happened in Hawaii, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Other states are currently watching the big solar markets and working on ways to protect their revenue stream (you).  
  • When customers work with our team, we assist with determining their battery needs, allowing the homeowner to store power produced by their solar system during the day, so that the customer isn't forced to purchase power from the grid during times that their solar system isn't producing (overnight, inclement weather).

how batteries work with time of use

  • With batteries the solution is simple. During the day power your home, and give extra power to the battery to charge it. As the sun sets, and you come home, you draw from the battery, not the grid. Saving you money, and keeping you independent. 

With batteries you will have power even when the grid doesn't

Never worry about an outage again!

back up battery storage

If you get solar without a battery and the grid goes down, so do you, even if it is during the day when your solar is producing power. This is because the system back feeds the grid, and it is too dangerous to do that while the utility company is working on the lines. With a battery system, the battery will actually shut off the back feeding, and turn your home into a micro grid! This allows you to have power during the day from solar, and power during the night from the battery for as long as you need to repeat the cycle. Don't be a slave to the utility!

Besides Backup... Why do you need batteries?

Time of Use Shifting

batteries for time of use installed by sunstor

Avoid expensive On-Peak prices by charging batteries during Off-Peak hours, and then discharging during On-Peak times. This allows you to get full credit for your solar production.

Self Supply

self supply with batteries installed by sunstor

Reduce your dependency on net metering by storing excess solar in batteries. As the sun goes down you pull energy from your battery rather than the grid.

Demand Shaving

shave demand charges with batteries installed by sunstor

Discharge batteries during times of peak demand to reduce stress on the grid, targeting one of the most costly charges on your monthly utility bill.

How much will you save?

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