Joshua Orozco and Will Cotter SunStor

The SunStor story began in 2014, when Josh Orozco decided to turn his entrepreneurial eye to the solar industry. After founding and growing several successful businesses, as well as spending a decade in sales, he saw the potential in solar and started a solar brokerage called Advantage Solar. Initially working on his own, he was soon selling enough deals for both Unisun Solar and Vision Solar that he needed to add personnel.

One of the first to come on board was Will Cotter, who had met Josh when they served together on a local school board. Will had also come from a varied background, which included running several successful businesses as well as more than a decade as a tour manager and sound engineer for nationally known music groups. Will used this logistic experience to help organize the administrative side of Advantage. 

SunStor Yuba City Mall location

Together they began adding more salespeople, eventually installing about 40 systems through Advantage.

In the fall of 2014, Josh was recruited by a sales manager at SolarCity, who could see his sales and managerial prowess; he brought Will along soon after. At SolarCity Josh helped establish the Direct Sales arm of their Chico office, building a successful sales team. Over the course of the next 10 months, Josh and his team installed about 300 systems for SolarCity. While also doing sales, Will complimented Josh’s management skills through extensive technical and industry training of their team, as well as marketing.

SunStor Chico Location

Josh was recruited to Vivint in the summer of 2015. He brought with him a solid sales team, including a former SolarCity electrician, Jeffrey Rivera. A C-10 electrical contractor by trade who had overseen the installation of hundreds of solar systems, Josh saw the sales potential in Jeff, and he was not disappointed - Jeff became one of the top salespeople in the new Yuba City Vivint office, which Josh managed.

While at Vivint, Josh continued to groom and build a robust group of salespeople. One of these was Nathan Skousen, who had started his solar career with Vivint in New York, but moved back to his hometown of Yuba City to help build sales in the area.  Over the course of the next 18 months, Josh and his team installed 500 Vivint systems in Northern California.

SunStor Solaria Install

Towards the end of his tenure there, Vivint began offering system sales in addition to Power Purchase Agreements; Josh had long advocated for solar ownership as opposed to PPAs, so that change allowed him to accelerate his sales even more.

At the end of 2016, Josh’s regional supervisor at Vivint left the company to help grow his brother’s solar company, Ion Solar, and convinced Josh and his team that Ion was the logical next step on their solar trajectory. So in January of 2017, Josh once again moved his team to a new company to head up Ion’s California expansion. Over the course of 2017, the team installed about 350 systems with Ion, which was no ordinary feat for a fairly new company with practically no name recognition in California.

Nathan Skousen Joshua Orozco Will Cotter Jeff Rivera

Now all four key members of what would become SunStor Solar were in place: Josh Orozco, Will Cotter, Jeff Rivera, and Nathan Skousen. Having been through several different solar companies in the preceding years and seeing the strengths and weaknesses of each, they decided that it was time to strike out on their own and create a solar sales organization that would be different. For one, it would focus solely on sales as opposed to operations; secondly, it would not take the value of its salespeople for granted and would pay them accordingly; and finally, it would provide a wide array of options to its customers, including a variety of financing options, as well as the opportunity to compliment their solar systems with battery storage.

Solaria install by sunstor

In November of 2017, SunStor was created, and the team hit the ground running. Most of the NorCal Ion Solar sales team made the move to SunStor; through their skill at selling and by actively recruiting dozens of other top performers from within the solar industry, SunStor has generated over 700 installs in our first 16 months of operation, with many more currently in the pipeline.  By leveraging our strategic partnerships, placing storefronts inside major retail centers and our emphasis on the combination of solar and storage, SunStor Solar is at the forefront of the next wave of renewable energy.

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No more work convincing the that your product is right for them. Ask them questions, see what their  needs and goals are, and provide a solution that achieves them.

Excellent culture.

From proposals, to permitting, distributors, utility companies and more, it really does take a village to get solar installed. At SunStor, sales and operations work hand and hand for the best rep and customer experience in the industry. 

We are growing fast!

Attacking the market from all fronts; retail, radio, phones, direct, and referrals, we are growing fast. We have 3 retail locations in malls, 2 showrooms, and many more coming. With growth comes the opportunity for leadership, and a a strong placement in the company. We hope to talk to you soon!

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Yuba Sutter Mall

SunStor Yuba Sutter Mall

1215 Colusa Ave, Yuba City, CA 95993

Near the food court

Chico Mall

SunStor Chico Mall

1950 East 20th St, Chico, CA 95928

Main entrance by Xfinity

Mt. Shasta Mall (opening soon!)

SunStor Redding Mall

900 Dana Dr, Redding CA, 96003

Next to Sprouts by play area

Oroville warehouse/showroom


3163 Olive Hwy, Oroville, CA 95966

Across from righteous burger                     (opening soon)

Stockton office


9210 Thornton Rd Suite 5, Stockton, 

CA, 95209. Across from Dairy Queen

Redlands warehouse


(opening soon)