Are you looking for the perfect solution to minimize your monthly bills, increase your assets’ value, and proactively address your environmental responsibilities? The answer is the installation of solar panels! Residential solar panels are an inexpensive, clean, and environmentally friendly energy source for large and small homes.

Solar panel installations for residential homes

  • Rooftop solar panels can be installed on roof boards, flat roofs, metals, and tiles.
  • We provide pre-construction consulting and coordinate with your contractor/ builder.
  • We also offer solar carports and ground-based PV systems.
  • Uses SunStor Premium Solar Technology for all solar panel installations
  • Our installation service includes a complete warranty.

Solar panels for Your Power Your Way

In recent years, the number of household solar panel installations has increased explosively. Whether placed on mounts or installed on the roof, solar panels use the sun’s energy to allow the system to generate clean energy in the home.

After signing up to see if Solar is right for you, we will come to your home and do a site check. We see how your home and your family use energy.

Immediately after the contract is signed, a structural engineer will evaluate your roof and determine if it can support your PV system. Our design team creates a system based on the energy requirements of you and your family. This will give you the best place to install the panels and the number of panels you will need. For this service, feel free to contact us for a professional solar installer.

Advanced Technology

At the center of each system, a solar cell is designed to withstand harsh conditions, giving high efficiency and excellent output. There are some similarities between single crystal solar cells and polysilicon solar cells. Both do the same thing. They both capture the sun’s energy and turns it into electricity. Both are made of silicon. Silicon is often used because it is abundant and durable.

However, solar panels made up of single-crystal cells are considered a flagship product. They provide more efficient energy and better aesthetics. They are named “single crystals” because they are made of single-crystal silicon. This silicon is shaped into rods and cut into pods.

Since the silicon used is single-crystal silicon, the electrons that generate the energy flow have room to move, and single-crystal panels are more efficient than simple panels.

Solar installer near me

If you are searching for a solar company near me, you are in the right place! Based in Hwy Oroville, it is locally owned and operated. As a leading solar company in North America, with unmatched expertise and attention to detail, we are consistently ranked as one of the state’s most acclaimed solar installer to meet your needs, and looking forward to serving your needs professionally.

We are one of the few solar installer companies whose owners are certified, solar designers and professional engineers. They are directly involved in the design and implementation of all solar projects they install. By staying at the forefront of solar technology through ongoing education, SunStor Solar sets the solar industry standard adopted by local cities and other solar installers.

SunStor Solar is hardware agnostic and recommends ideal system components based on accurate solar needs. In addition to installation, our solar company offers the best Home solar repair services too. Therefore, this is the right place to answer your query “best Solar installer near me.”


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