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Solar PV System Upgrades

Technology is continually changing with time, and the latest technologies are more efficient and cost-effective. Solar panels are a great asset to your home or business, saving money and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Are you wondering which solar company near me? SunStor Solar can help you with solar PV systems and main panel upgrades.  As with all technologies, there are always advances in solar panels and batteries. We have the latest PV technology, so if you need main panel upgrades, please visit our website, call us1-888-573-3933, or visit our office at 3163 Olive Hwy, Oroville, CA 95966 for more details and a free quote.

Is it the right time to upgrade?

If your home’s monthly energy expenditure increases recently, then it’s time to upgrade the solar PV system.

Inverter update

Replace the old inverter to generate more power, and improved monitoring increases the overall system’s reliability. This will ultimately reduce your monthly bill as production increases. SunStor Solar has affordable equipment and many funding options available.

Free energy evaluation

SunStor Solar also conduct free energy evaluation to compare your current system size with your current usage to make recommendations for panel updates or adding systems.

Affordable Financing

We offer excellent funding terms through third party lenders. Fund your project conveniently and straightforwardly.

Premium contractor

Our team has technicians who are authorized to install solar systems. Our in-house team can carry out various projects such as roofs, ground installations, and even carports.


Monitor and maintain the power of solar panels

Upgrade your existing system using SunStor Solar’s performance monitoring:

  • Make sure the panel achieves and maintains the optimum output.
  • If a problem is detected, we will provide the necessary services and repairs to resolve it promptly.
  • Real-time data on the system
  • Stay informed about solar panel performance with personal web-based applications.


Contact our service department today to learn more about PV monitor upgrade options.

Why do I need to upgrade or maintain my PV solar panels?


  • Solar panels can become dirty over time, such as with leaves and bird droppings, resulting in reduced energy absorption and reduced power generation. Clean the existing panel for optimal functioning.
  • Over time, the panel may become shaded more than expected due to tall trees and nearby extensions. You can reposition the panel to maximize energy absorption.
  • Technology is continually evolving. It may be possible to provide more advanced panels than the one originally installed. It means you can get the most out of your sustainable energy sources.
  • New panels can be installed and integrated with existing systems to increase energy production.

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