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Are you stuck between the choice of off-grid generators and the choice of grid-tie? What if there is no need to make a choice? There is a perfect solution called a hybrid solar system. The hybrid system offers the best of all. This generator consists of the battery bank and a grid inverter. The inverter can convert sunlight into electricity and keep the battery bank charged. The battery can be powered when the grid is interrupted.

Common Equipment For Hybrid Solar Systems Include

  • Battery Bank
  • Power Meter
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery-Based Grid-Tie Inverter

SunStor Solar is a one-stop-shop that caters to all your renewable energy needs. We provide safe and easy installation and high-quality parts. Trained professionals will be happy to answer all your questions, and you can confidently switch to solar.

Recently, electric vehicles are rapidly gaining popularity as they are environmentally friendly alternatives to gasoline vehicles. As it becomes the need of the hour, we are also installing hybrid car charging solar systems.

Key Features of a Hybrid Solar System

Solar/battery/grid switching is automatic without human intervention. Priority is set during configuration and is continuously tracked during system operation.

  • Thanks to network availability, system sizing (solar and battery) is more optimized.
  • Compared to off-the-grid (CA) systems, hybrid systems are less costly because the system is more optimized.
  • Network availability increases system reliability.

Why hire SunStor Solar

SunStor Solar has installed numerous solar hybrid systems in the residential sectors throughout North America. Our team has practical experience with several internationally renowned inverter manufacturers. Therefore, we are confident in the project’s success, starting with the design project and going through the implementation, test run, and delivery stages.

Our core engineering team has taken numerous training courses from international manufacturers to help our product partners better understand the solution. This allows you to convey the right message to your customers and give them a complete understanding of the solution. Implementing a project is much easier because the client is always up to the process flow of the project and its artifacts.

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