Whether you’re serious about a solar system because you would like to scale back your carbon footprint as an environmentally-friendly step, otherwise you are in the market because you’re uninterested in paying the high (and ever-changing) rates for electricity from your local power service, solar systems became a well-liked choice. The most important question, most people face when they’re put in a solar system is whether or not to install a battery backup with their system.
Energy storage technology has been around for many years, but solar batteries utilized in home solar-plus-storage systems are relatively new to the market. While solar batteries offer a big economic benefit for homeowners in many situations, their price means they don’t make financial sense for everyone.

Type of Solar Backup Batteries:

There is a wide range of solar battery backup systems, the most popular includes:

Tesla Powerwall 2:

Tesla Powerwall 2 provides 13.5 kWh of capacity, and that’s quite enough to power the home. It also includes a 10-year warranty and several other advanced features like liquid cooling and an inbuilt charger/inverter. It may cost up to $11,000. to work through a solar battery, the house battery system still requires a solar panel


Home battery systems from LG are among the foremost flexible and widely used options alive. Chem is well-respected for its adaptability with an in-depth range of inverters, and hybrid storage systems including the famous SolarEdge optimizer. Also, the Chem RESU range is additionally one among the foremost reliable home battery units with three varying sizes: 6.5 kWh, 10 kWh, and 13 kWh.

Sonnen Batteries:

This type is more dominant outside the united states, It is available in 16 kWh and 4 kWh capacities and has a 10-year warranty.  it’s generally the foremost expensive of home battery options and may only be sourced through specific retailers.

How Battery Backup Provides Power When the Grid Can’t?

We’ve all been during a situation where we lost power, whether it’s due to overexertion, storms, or blown generators. With a solar power backup system, you don’t need to rely on the grid, it saves you from spending time in the dark and power less houses during a blackout.

Most businesses and homeowners install solar panels in an attempt to scale back energy costs and commit themselves to their environments by using renewable and clean energy sources.

How the Solar Home Battery Backup Systems?

Before you can completely understand the benefits of getting a system together with your battery backup, you ought to first know about how they work.

Solar batteries store extra energy that your solar panels absorb and reserve it for later. This comes in handy when your house is capable of manufacturing more electricity than it must power itself daily, sometimes literally “saving it for a stormy day.”

Having a backup battery means you’ll operate even when it’s nighttime, it’s cloudy, or the grid has been shut down for whatever reason. You’ll never need to go without power or believe the other energy source to supply it for you, which is why many solar customers choose this kind of system.

Benefits of Solar Home Battery Backup Systems

If you are not fully convinced about buying a solar battery backup system, here are some benefits:

Energy Storage

With your energy storage regardless of what’s happening with the grid, you’ll rest assured that your home will still power itself. The food in your fridge will never go bad again!

No Noise

Unlike backup generators which will be loud and distracting, backup batteries are a silent option. You won’t even feel it’s there. For those with neighbors accessible, sleeping toddlers, or those just trying to find some peace, these are the thanks to going!

Reduced Utility Bills

Who doesn’t want to save lots of money? Producing your electricity will crop on costs and costs related to utility companies. Solar customers save a mean of $999.03 per annum or over $80 per month! consider all of the opposite belongings you could spend that cash on rather than having to shell it bent an electrical company over and over.

To Sum Up:

Home battery backup systems are undoubtedly a subsequent step within the evolution of renewable energy supply. By keeping some energy as a reserve, you won’t need to start consuming costly energy from the normal grid.


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