Without battieries, you will NEVER escape the utilies!

No solar system is complete without Phazr MicroStorage


  • Due to the utility company’s strategy to combat solar, it is essential that all solar installations, either previously installed or installed in the future, are paired with energy storage.  
  • With the increasing loss of thousands of customers over the past few years, utility companies are imposing new fees and billing structures to try and devalue solar production.  
  • They basically get to buy your solar power at one rate, and sell it back to you at a higher rate.
  • This has already happened in Hawaii, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Other states are currently watching the big solar markets and working on ways to protect their revenue stream (you).  
  • Phazr optimizes solar production to save you the most amount of money, every day, by discharging power at the most valuable time. With Phazr, you can protect your investment with the ability to adjust to any utility change.


Battery storage like no other


Battery under every panel!

Phazr uses symmetric DC regulation (SDCR) technology and has no single point-of-failure to assure your system is consistently generating and storing energy. This also saves space in your garage and allows you to simply add 1,2, or however many more you may want in the future!


Manage energy flow

Measurz software is a user-friendly interface that models the financial impact of the solar batteries.

Measurz optimizes energy use based on historical patterns and current tariff structures. For example, Measurz can shave demand, increase power stability by providing voltage sag protection, shift the storage system to function as a Microgrid, and feed excess energy back to the grid.

It’s easy to track energy use and savings from your solar installation, and battery storage, from a laptop or smart phone with Measurz.



The install of each battery only adds about 30 seconds to each panel. Because of this there is zero design and installation cost with Phazr plug-and-play energy storage.

Why do your solar panels need batteries?

Time of use shifting


Avoid expensive On-Peak prices by charging batteries during Off-Peak hours.

Solar self supply


Reduce your dependency on net metering by storing excess solar in batteries. 

Demand shaving


Discharge batteries during times of peak demand to reduce stress on the grid, targeting one of the most costly charges on your monthly utility bill.

PV smoothing


Bring predictability to intermittent renewables. Overcome net metering restrictions for large-scale solar deployments.

Grid Resiliency


Keep essential loads fully operational, 24-hours a day.

Voltage sag protection


Protect your machinery from fluctuations in grid power quality.

Quick and easy install

How much will storage save you