Professional Solar Installations across California

Why pay more for power?

3 Reasons to Choose SunStor

1. Simple and Easy


We do the work for you, just sit back relax and save money. 

2. 25-Year Warranty


Our monitoring and protection give you peace of mind that your solar is in safe working order. 

3. Fast Installation


Our team has the experience and expertise to ensure your system is installed promptly and properly. 

No matter your situation, we can help!

With the rise in utility costs and the upcoming rate hikes, more people than ever are choosing solar. We can get you installed no matter your credit history!

  1. $0 down low % rate loans
  2. Lease/PPA
  3. Cash

If  you have ever been turned down for solar before or have been looking for batteries, then you have found your solution.

They wont tell you about batteries?

The process is easy

Get questions answered


With so many solar installation offers being thrown your way, we know it can be frustrating. That's why the first step we take is answering all your questions. We make sure you're educated on the top solar companies and solar panels, so you can decide the best fit for you and your family. 

See if you qualify


We will do a complete evaluation of your home, as well as your personal situation, to determine the best solar product, and option for you. Every home is different, that's why we believe every family should get a system completely customized to them.

Thats IT!


After your site survey we will go over the top options for you to save money. Only after we know that you have all your questions answered, and you're happy with your choice, we do the rest! From permits, to installation, to anything you need after installation!

How much will you save?

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